The Dog Barking at the Postal Carrier

In ancient times animals roamed the world.  The naturally traveled along paths that were the most efficient.  Predators stalked the path and found areas that they could attack easily from.  After a number of attacks the animals being predated on shifted their path from the most efficient to one that afforded more safety.  Eventually the predators no longer waited at the initial position and sought out another place to attack from.  After the predators left the animals being predated on did not return to the original, efficient path.  These paths became more deeply ground into the earth as humans followed them first on foot, then by wagon and automobile. 

It is much the same with our nervous system.  Trauma shifts our nervous systems from efficiency to safety in an attempt to maintain survival.  As we age we often continue defaulting to the same pathways of reaction long after they cease to serve our survival. 

Here is another analogy to consider:  A postal carrier delivers mail to a home with a dog.  As he or she arrives the dog barks viciously attempting to keep the perceived threat at bay.  The postal carrier drops the mail and continues on to the next house.  The dog is safe and perceives a connection to its safety and barking at the postal carrier.  Therefore the dog barks viciously everyday at the carrier.  Most of us are living life in the same manner, reacting to things we perceive as being similar to a threat from our childhoods.  We end up barking at postal carriers for the remainder of our lives instead of coming back in touch with reality and finding peace. 

These pathways of safety are the ways our energetic systems/nervous systems are out of balance.  Acupuncture, herbs, tuina, qigong etc seek to aid a person in returning to the state of efficiency and contact with reality instead of the myriad of reactionary bouncing that we normally do. 

Chinese Medicine and especially the 5 Element branch have a unique method of quantifying and working with each client's pathways of inefficiency.  They note that each person has a particular constitution that tends to fall out of balance in a predictable way.  This tendency to fall out of balance in a certain way is our Achille's heel.  It is the way our energy becomes deranged.  As the pathways of energy/communication are reopened via acupuncture etc a person begins to live in harmony and thus can begin living their life in a fruitful manner again. 

My interest is to aid you in returning to life.  To drop the false and live again in reality.